Director   Rubin Sosna


Writer   Rubin Sosna


Genre   Thriller


Cast   Rubin Sosna, Monique Amado


During a serious bout of pneumonia, Ivy experiences a fever dream in which she faces her greatest fears: her life coming to an end and having to let go of beloved ones.

We watch Ivy’s personality slowly split and her behavior becoming stranger, resembling the increasing severity of her illness. Death is able to get closer and closer to her.

It eventually leads her to being confronted with her radically religious mother, who tries to convince her to look forward to the afterlife, and with a spirit, invisible to the viewer, that seems to be the personification of death.

She decides to actively hold onto her life, her strong attitude helping her body to fight the disease. She wakes up from this bad dream. But does a dream always end when we wake up?